Matthew Sowards

Developer and Startup entrepreneur
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Hello, I'm
Matthew Sowards

Developer and Startup entrepreneur from Florida Age 20.

Who is Matthew Sowards?

Matthew Sowards goes by the nickname Matt Sowards, He was raised in Florida to Breakbeat Music and various genres of Dance Music, Matt first picked up YouTube as a fun hobby at the age of 7 years old and would upload tutorials, game videos and anything he could think of, by 2011 age 11, Gained 10,000 subscribers, which was a big feat for those days some compare it to 100 million these days, it was on his first channel GameGuardModding or known as CaptainDeagle62 or Captain’s Community.  After this he saught to create a new channel on the focus on creating more highly quality produced videos and a new channel name that would make more sense which he stuck with Matt Sowards because overall didnt want to be limited to 1 game or a single content niche, so he could upload everything just as long as he was the one responsible creating the content. After the first new channel was opened Matt Sowards has gained over 100,000 subscribers by 2020. Matt Sowards has to put down youtube full-time since then and is focusing his efforts on his own brands Ravesta Records, Total Damage Records and Ravesta Games, all which have been managed, and all skills put into full-time to run these brands to the Masses of the world. 

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What I do

UI Design

I can design any ui Layouts weather it be for Graphic reasons or Development reasons i use many software.

Web Development

All my websites that i manage, or work for are usually developed and run by me i can work in various languages wether it be php and html, or wordpress. All works same for me. I'll get the job done perfectly.

App Development

I have Full Publishing & Coding Knowledge to create apps on Android and iOS app stores.

Game Modding

Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Rust, among many other games i can code and mode, and design levels, skins, and misc items in various Languages on various platforms and workshops.

Game Developer

I write the story, Code the game, develop the designs/artwork and fully publish my video games under my own work. No need to outsource again.

Project management

I run and manage as well as market for many companies such as Total Damage Records and Ravesta Records

Created Websites

Website Created for Ravesta LLC.
Website Created for myself Total Damage Records
Website Created for Taps Pest Control Services
Website Created for RMC

Created Video Games


Work Experience

  • Manager of Ravesta / Marketing / Artist / Developer & Designer.

    2016-2020 - Ravesta LLC. - Present

    Started multiple positions and still currently for Ravesta LLC.
  • Owner of Total Damage Records

    2017 - - Present

    Took ownership of Total Damage Records and am still running the Record Label currently.
  • YouTube Full-Time Ended

    2015 - YouTube

    I just did not have enough time to pursue youtube as a full career no longer and only and currently work on my channels part-time.

Let's get started

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Content Creator

Creates amazing designs and has wonderful talents, website work, merchandise and even youtube thumbnails and more he's created for me 5 star client here.


Owner of CS.Deals

Puts in the effort Worked hard and long on an image design I ordered to make it just right.



This site hit all things Perfect such as Smooth scrolling, not too much random stuff popping up in my face, very clean aesthetic, and the information is quick to grab and read. 5/5 Website i will always come back.

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